New Texture Pack

Astute Graphics creates these amazing Illustrator plugins that were 60% off for Black Friday. I purchased a few including Texturino, which allows live texture masking on vector work. I tested it out last night on an old zombie hand illustration I’d done years ago, and I already love this little tool.


OG Kushmoji Art

Round 1 of the Kushmoji library was far more photo-realistic, but was still developed exclusively in Illustrator using masks and blurs. The final direction had a more stylistic look and utilized patterns to create highlights and shadows. The change helped in numerous ways ,including significantly cutting down on the time to make each icon, and reducing the file size of each PNG which was necessary for the application’s code.


Birth of Cool

Man, I just went through every file on every hard drive I’ve had since college. I backed up everything on two separate TB devices. Found this guy hiding in a college art folder. I used to love making these silly illustrations…I don’t put pen to paper nearly enough these days. Maybe someday soon I’ll develop the discipline to get back into it regularly.


Cheery on Top

Today I went to therapy and it re-motivated me to work on this project I’ve had on the shelf for a while. I want to start a clothing company that focuses on mental health and eating disorders.

It’s called Cheery on Top and I’m going to crunch numbers today and figure out what it would cost to launch through Printful.

Gonna move forward… fears be damned! So what if it fails?

Our fearless leader!

Our fearless leader!

Feast Mode

Bad excuse: Been too busy to remember to blog. I need to push myself to do it regularly.

Freelancing is often feast or famine; sometimes I have to turn work away, other times I struggle to find jobs. I’m currently in Feast Mode and hoping it lasts, or at least doesn’t fall off a cliff.


Photo-Comping Hunting Gear

Here's a thing I faked in Photoshop today. One my clients is transitioning into a re-brand and doesn't have the physical items to photograph for their catalogue. They brought me in to build up these comps into realistic depictions. I love it – it's like digital painting... building shapes and textures, adjusting hues, highlights, and shadows.

Check below for my version, their OG file, an asset breakdown, and a closeup.

One valuable trick I learned from Sean at Grit back in the day: add noise to introduce a grainy texture to otherwise flat shapes, especially vector art.

1. Add a new layer, Edit>Fill with 50% Grey

2. Filter>Noise>Add Noise, make sure Gaussian and Monochromatic are selected, then adjust percentage to something barely fuzzy

3. Change the blending mode to Overlay and adjust the opacity as needed

My final version is a black container.

My final version is a black container.

The unedited original.

The unedited original.

The separated unmasked, unblended layers.

The separated unmasked, unblended layers.

A closeup of the textures, highlights, and shadows.

A closeup of the textures, highlights, and shadows.